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Melt Influence – Influencers

At Melt Content we understand the power influencers can have as part of a digital marketing strategy. You can make content campaigns more successful; we value your voice, your content and the platforms you create. And we understand the value of brand collaborations that align with you and your audience.

Get involved in brand collaborations tailored to you

With our ever-expanding roster of clients in different markets, we’re always working on diverse and exciting projects. So when you join the Melt Influence Network, you know we’ll only contact you with projects that are relevant to you, your style and your expertise.

We believe collaborations work best when the influencer is a creative lead or partner – not just a paid spokesperson. Your audience follows along because they trust you, and we understand that you’ve worked hard to earn their trust. They deserve brand partnerships that not only align with your lifestyle and beliefs, but will also be interesting and hopefully benefit their lives too.

How we match you with the right brands

How do we know that a campaign will be a great fit for you? Well, we value the relationships we’ve created with our network. So our team will follow your online activity and content, and stay tuned into what you’re up to and your interests. We work hard to understand who you are, what you’re about, how you create and how your audience engages. That helps us align you with just the right campaign for you and your followers. Whatever the project, we always emphasise the important connection between a creator, their platform and the brand.

Access to Melt Content’s influencer resources and tools

The Melt team is full of experienced marketers, social media experts and our own in-house content creators, and we like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to information and trends in the digital world. As part of our influencer network, you will also get access to the Melt Content Influence Resources , designed to support you and help you navigate the digital marketing world.

These are all-round resources, including tips and tools to help you with productivity, time management, creativity blocks and more. Think of them as a helpful add-on to the project-specific support you’ll get when you work on a campaign with us. As we value our relationships with our network, we welcome feedback too – we’re always keen to understand how we can better help you.

We love working with passionate people who love to create. If this sounds like you, and everything you’ve read here is of interest, fill in the form below. You’ll be added to our system and we’ll get in touch shortly. We can’t wait to work with you!