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April 9, 2018

Creators’ Corner: 4 essential mobile apps for bloggers

Whether it's boosting productivity, tracking your finances while on the road or just the bare essentials, there's a mass of apps out there for every task a blogger could imagine. But while quantity is no problem, quality is a different matter.

So to help cut through the noise and save you the pain of wasting time on unusable apps, we asked you for your favourites. Because there’s nothing like a friendly recommendation, right? Here are the essential picks from the Melt Influence Network…


Chosen by: Chloe from @WanderlustChloe
“Snapseed is amazing for editing photos on the go. It’s my favourite! I also love having an app that connects my camera via Wi-Fi so I can download pics on the go.”

Melt’s verdict

Now we’re not discounting Instagram’s Valencia filter in any way here. But as a blogger, you know that everything you post has been carefully planned, edited and executed to perfection. And when it comes photography, this will mean likely placing your trust in a photo-editing app with a little more flexibility.

Snapseed has over 29 filters and allows you to do almost anything to your photos on-the-go. Rotate, crop, expand, glow, add text – this simple and highly usable app takes care of most of your day-to-day photo-editing needs.


Chosen by: Nicole from @NicoleNavigates
“The WordPress app really helps me to draft my blog posts on the go.”

Melt’s verdict

Would this really be an ‘essential mobile apps’ post without including the obvious? Granted, not all influencers host their blogs on WordPress – but if you do, you’ll probably already have this app downloaded, constantly open and will consistently be refreshing. Like most mobile apps, it doesn’t include quite as much functionality as the web-version, but it is very much a blogger essential.


Chosen by: Sarah from @Life_BreakDown
“I’ve been using Xero for invoicing and helping with putting together tax returns.”

Melt’s verdict

Xero is known as one of the most reliable accounting apps for a reason. Easy to use with a ton of security and productivity benefits, it makes tracking your finances both easier and more efficient.

From gaining visibility of all your bank accounts to sending invoices from anywhere in the world, any time, Xero’s features make it a must-have for all kinds of businesses, but it’s particularly useful for bloggers. And its seamless experience across different devices mean it’s ideal for using while travelling. The mobile app is easy to use but still provides enough functionality to get you by.


Chosen by: Victoria from @LyliaRose
“I couldn’t live without the Zoho app – I have my emails set up with it for my blog domains so I can email on the go. It has a calendar that is separate from my iPhone calendar, so I can use it for blogging only.”

Melt’s verdict

For busy bloggers who have both a personal email address and a dedicated blog email, an app like Zoho can be invaluable. We love that this app allows you to fully manage and link your emails, calendar and contacts in one place so nothing slips through.

The work-offline functionality is particularly handy for when you’re dashing between meetings, events and shoot settings or are travelling with patchy signal. And there’s no need to worry about running out of data – with Zoho you can draft emails and they’ll still be automatically sent as soon as you’re online.

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