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Why influencers?

At Melt Content we understand the value that brands can get from influencers, both on- and offline. But getting the most out of influencer marketing can be a complex process that’s not always properly executed. The influencer marketing sphere is ever-changing and it’s becoming ever-more saturated – so finding the right fit is more important than ever for creating successful campaigns.

We’ve worked with hundreds of influencers on campaigns ranging in size, type, market and territory, from connecting a brand with one or two influencers to large-scale projects with multiple carefully chosen influencers. Our experienced team are experts in the influencer marketing world. So they know what it takes to find the right influencers and create the right strategy that will meet your goals and yield ROI.

94% of those who have used influencer marketing believe it to be effective.
Source: Adweek (2016)


What we offer

Influencer campaign concept and strategy

What are your campaign goals? Who is your target market? What brand messaging are you looking to promote? What is your budget? We take all of this (and many other factors) into account to create a specific strategy for your campaign based on industry trends, influencer opportunities and our knowledge of the digital influencer space.

Influencer matching

We never take standard metrics at face value; we assess each potential partnership through a range of quantitative and qualitative observations. Finding the perfect fit between brand and influencer is at the heart of what we do – we always search for the right people, with the right audience to share your message to.

"A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is."
– Scott Cook, Intuit

Influencer campaign management

After finding the right influencers for your campaign, we manage those all-important relationships. We liaise with influencers to manage expectations, deliverables and contracts. And we do it while making sure the deliverables are met not only on time, but to the highest standard, incorporating your brand messaging accurately and naturally.


So the content is created and outreach has happened. But how did the campaign perform? Were the campaign goals met? Was the audience interested and engaged in your product or service? We delve into both qualitative and quantitative insights from the influencer’s content, as well as your data to show success and ROI in one clear, comprehensive report.

Melt influence network

We have close relationships with influencers around the world who make up the Melt Influence Network. They’ve joined us to be part of a group of creators who value strong brand partnerships, are passionate about their niche, and are excited to share their voice with their audience and the world.

This group of talented content creators is made up of bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, photographers, writers and more. And Melt's unique access to that network means we always know what they're doing, what their style of content and communication is and what successes they've had. All while closely analysing their audience for the best possible brand fit. So whatever your goals and whatever your brand, we can find an influencer for the most positive, targeted impact.

Looking to plan your next influencer campaign? Get in touch.